'Corrie' star Ruxandra Porojnicu has been told to 'go back to her own country' by online trolls

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Coronation Street actress Ruxandra Porojnicu has revealed she receives vile insults on social media from trolls, who tell her to "go back to your own country".

The Romanian actor joined the show as Alina in 2019 as part of a hard-hitting modern slavery storyline in which her character was trafficked to work in a nail bar.

Soap bosses chose to keep her as a regular cast member and she has recently become embroiled in a romance storyline involving long-running character Tyrone.

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Recent episodes have seen Tyrone try to convince Alina to leave in order to salvage his relationship with Fiz, but he will subsequently confess he has fallen in love with Alina.

This storyline has put Porojnicu on a collision course with abusive fans of the show on social media platforms.

Ruxandra Porojnicu plays Alina in 'Coronation Street'. (Credit: Instagram/Ruxandra Porojnicu)
Ruxandra Porojnicu plays Alina in 'Coronation Street'. (Credit: Instagram/Ruxandra Porojnicu)

She told The Sun her first thought when she was told about the storyline was that "everyone is going to hate me", considering Tyrone and Fiz's popularity as a couple.

"The way the storyline has gone I’ve found the reactions to be quite mixed, which I was not expecting," Porojnicu said.

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She added: "The way it has been written created a good environment for Alina to be accepted by the audience. Well, some of them.

“They’ve seen their romance blossom and neither meant for it to happen. I’ve had loads of people saying that they are actually happy for Tyrone.

“But I’ve also had people saying ‘go back to your own country’ and calling me a home-wrecker. I don’t take those comments seriously.”

Tyrone and Alina shared a secret kiss on 'Coronation Street'. (Credit: ITV)
Tyrone and Alina shared a secret kiss on 'Coronation Street'. (Credit: ITV)

The storyline has featured heavily on the soap in recent weeks, with Tyrone and Alina sharing a screen kiss carried out using innovative tricks amid social distancing regulations.

Producers drafted in a real-life couple with resemblance to Porojnicu and co-star Alan Halsall to perform the kiss itself, while the main actors filmed their scenes separately before being digitally melded together.

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Porojnicu said: "I feel so privileged to have been given such a big storyline. I also feel proud to be representing my country.

"I’ve had a lot of people say how good it is Corrie is showing diversity with my character and it’s important for television to show that."

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