Corrie star Mikey North reflects on major change for Gary Windass

Note: This story discusses topics including suicidal ideation/thoughts and bullying.

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street star Mikey North has reflected on the major change in his character Gary Windass.

Gary has had a turbulent few years, notably becoming a cobbles villain in 2019 when he got involved with dangerous loan shark Rick Neelan, a development which led to his split from Sarah Barlow.

He has since married Maria Connor, who has brought out a softer side in Gary again amid her son Liam's recent bullying ordeal. The teenager spent months being on the receiving end of Mason Radcliffe's tormenting, which led to him experiencing suicidal thoughts.

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North explained how the troubling situation has helped Gary become a more "caring" and "rounded" character.

"I'm hoping that the last couple of years has been Gary growing up a little bit. It's been really nice to play that more caring side," he said.

"Even though, when he's showing those hot headed moments, it's more to try and play the Robin Hood character where he's doing it to the bad people and trying to give the baddies what they deserve as opposed to just doing it because he's hot headed.

"Hopefully this is how things will continue because I certainly like playing that more grown up version of Gary now. He certainly seems to have become a more rounded character and the reaction from the public has definitely been more appreciative of this."

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Things won't be smooth sailing for Gary anytime soon though, as Maria is set to dump her husband next week as she blames him for not being there to rescue Liam when the troubled teenager suffers a shock collapse.

Speaking about the family's recent challenges, North added: "It's definitely been a very tricky time for them all. From Gary's point of view he's having to look after both Maria and Liam, as well as being concerned about the state of his relationship with Maria, especially with how worried Maria has been about Liam and understandably so.

"Gary and Maria have different views on how they should be helping Liam which hasn't helped."

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The couple's relationship was further tested when Maria recently insinuated that Gary wasn't Liam's real dad, with North saying that her words "affected (Gary) massively".

"I think Gary has always seen himself as a real father figure to Liam and especially with what they have been through in the last few months, to hear Maria say that really cut him deep," he said. "It was the last thing that Gary wanted and needed to hear at that point."

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Coronation Street has been working on Liam's storyline with support from the National Bullying Helpline (0300 323 0169 between 9am-5pm on weekdays, and 10am-12 midday on Saturdays, or email

Further organisations which can offer help include Samaritans on 116 123 or Mind on 0300 123 3393. Readers in the US are encouraged to visit or the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

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