Corrie teases a new love interest for Steve after Tracy's exit

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street has revealed that Steve McDonald could have a new love interest on the horizon, as he becomes unexpectedly embroiled with one of his neighbours.

Since Steve's estranged wife Tracy cheated on him with his footballing hero Tommy Orpington and moved to Spain with him, Steve has been trying out online dating. But despite having several matches, he hasn't had much luck in pursuing a new romance yet.

In scenes that will air on the soap next week, things start to take a turn for Steve when he meets up with daughter Amy Barlow and Daniel Osbourne in the Rovers.

The trio discuss potential care package options for Ken Barlow following his recent fall at home, but they are left concerned about how they are going to fund Ken's care.

amy barlow, cassie plummer, coronation street

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Cassie Plummer listens in to their conversation with interest, and she steps in to offer to be Ken's carer for a quarter of the price of a professional. Daniel and Amy are keen on the idea while Steve agrees more reluctantly, with Cassie thrilled to have a new job after being sacked from the garage.

Before Cassie starts her work, Steve makes out to Ken that she is a qualified carer who they hired through an agency.

Cassie starts her work at No.1, but when she reveals to Ken that she's actually had no training and just stepped in to help save his family some cash, Ken's quietly furious at Steve's deception.

ken barlow, cassie plummer, coronation street
ken barlow, cassie plummer, coronation street

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Cassie soon sets Ken straight, explaining that she was always honest with Steve and that she never pretended to have any care qualifications. Will she win Ken round?

Later in the week, when Cassie shows up for work at No.1 again, Steve relishes in telling her that her first job of the day is to cut Ken's toenails. Cassie swallows her disgust and gets on with the job.

Enjoying Cassie's company as the day goes on, Ken suggests to her that they should head out for a spot of lunch together.

steve mcdonald, cassie plummer, coronation street
steve mcdonald, cassie plummer, coronation street

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Seeing how much Cassie gets under her dad's skin, an amused Amy suggests to him that there might be a spark between him and Cassie and that he's just in denial about his attraction to her.

Steve firmly denies fancying Cassie, while Amy hides her amusement. Could she have uncovered the truth about Steve's feelings for Cassie - and might this be the start of a new cobbles relationship?

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