Corrie's Daisy makes major slip-up over Rovers Return secret

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street's Daisy Midgeley makes a huge mistake next week, as she accidentally lets slip her secret about her Rovers Return ownership.

Back in December, Daisy came up with a plan to buy back the Rovers using the money that villain Stephen Reid stole from Underworld's account, after Daisy discovered Stephen's secret bank account following his death.

Although her stepmum Jenny Connor was against the idea at first, a nasty encounter with Carla Barlow led her to change her mind, and Daisy and Jenny soon used the stolen cash to buy back the pub together - although Daisy's co-ownership has been kept a secret to avoid suspicion.

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In scenes that will air on Monday, February 26, the pair's secret comes under threat from Carla as she waits for a client at the Chariot Square Hotel.

While Carla waits, she gets chatting to a rep from brewery Waterfords, who tells her that he's meeting Daisy, the owner of The Rovers. Carla assumes that he must mean Jenny, but as she heads off, she's puzzled to see Daisy arrive after all.

Back at the pub later on, Daisy tells Jenny that she's secured a deal that will allow them to stock Newton & Ridley products. Jenny is annoyed, but Daisy points out that she is the co-owner of the pub.

daisy midgeley, jenny connor, carla barlow, coronation street

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However, the pair are horrified to realise that Carla has heard every word of their conversation. Will she put the pieces together and realise that Daisy secretly used Carla's stolen money to buy the pub?

This won't be the only drama for Daisy next week, as she also comes face-to-face with Ryan Connor again after several months apart.

Following the major fallout after their affair, which resulted in Daisy's split from fiancé Daniel Osbourne, Ryan unexpectedly walks back into the pub next week having previously departed for a new start in Glasgow. But what brings him back to Weatherfield?

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