Cosmetic surgeon's 'health' warning to Katie Price as she makes surgery decision

Katie Price
-Credit: (Image: Instagram/ @katieprice)

A cosmetic surgeon says Katie Price is "playing with her health" following her 17th boob job.

The former glamour model has faced concerns from her family who previously pleaded with her not to have any more cosmetic procedures. However, Katie has defied expectations by opting for yet another surgical operation, this time with the purpose of reducing her enhanced breasts.

It comes after the 46-year-old television personality seemed to backtrack on her desire for "Britain's biggest boobs". Sources close to Katie disclosed to Closer magazine that the celebrity "ignored medical advice" and has been cautioned about the "serious dangers" associated with repeated plastic surgery.

The insider said: "She ignores all the medical advice. She's been warned over and over of the serious dangers. Katie was categorically told that every operation takes her into a higher risk category of something going wrong."

On The Katie Price show, the star revealed that her most recent operation was to rectify an issue, stating: "one looks a bit bigger than the other one and it's dropped", attributing this to the weight of the implants, reports the Mirror.

Cosmetic surgeon Alex Karidis highlighted the potential perils of continuous surgeries, especially reminding Katie, who nearly lost her life after undergoing a procedure in 2015, of the gravity of such decisions. Speaking to Closer, he remarked: "There are dangers and risks with all surgeries. These are medical procedures and should not be treated casually as Katie does you can die.

"The more you have, there's always more of a risk, because the tissues you're dealing with have already been operated on before, so they've been weakened."

The former glamour model decided to reduce her cup size
The former glamour model recently underwent another boob job. -Credit:Instagram

Alex has warned that Katie is taking unnecessary risks by continuing to undergo cosmetic surgeries. The former I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! star has had multiple procedures over time, including face lifts and getting veneers.

Katie shared that her mother, Amy, disapproves of her surgery ventures, referring to her as "ridiculous". Moreover, Katie has openly declared she has no intention of halting her surgical enhancements.

In a conversation with the Daily Mail, she expressed her determination: "I will never stop with this surgery, I want to be a Bratz Doll. It's my body and I do what I want to do. That's how it should be, our body, your choice. The difference is I talk about it. There's a lot of people out there who hide [what they've had done]."

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