Costly aftermath of storm damage in Exmouth

Coastwatch House in Exmouth was severely damaged during the storm -Credit:NCI Exmouth
Coastwatch House in Exmouth was severely damaged during the storm -Credit:NCI Exmouth

After taking another battering during this week's storms, efforts are underway to repair further damage to Exmouth seafront. East Devon District Council (EDDC) has assured its team is working 'tirelessly' to clear up the aftermath of Storm Pierrick on April 8 and 9.

The costly damage has included issues with the seawall, beach erosion, a dislodged manhole cover and scattered stones across the beach. The slipway is currently out of commission, but EDDC is aiming to carry out temporary repairs so that it can be used in the summer season.

The National Coastwatch Institution building has been vacated due to damages. Volunteers at Exmouth's National Coastwatch Institution (NCI) arrived at the lookout station on the morning of April 9 to find that the foundations of one of the two buildings had collapsed into the sea.

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EDDC has installed large concrete pieces and concrete 'Lego blocks' to safeguard the building from further damage. The council has already been embarking on repairs to Exmouth's seawall.

Exmouth's damaged seawall
Exmouth's damaged seawall -Credit:EDDC

An EDDC spokesperson said: "Phase one of the two-part seawall repair project began this month, and excellent progress is being made with a new steel sheet pile wall being installed every 10 minutes. Although the noise of installing the steel piles is loud, we hope this will be done by the end of Saturday, April 20."

The council has promised to keep residents up-to-date with further updates on the repair work.