Could you be in The 1% Club? Take our quiz of the 'hardest ever' questions to find out

Lee Mack hosts The 1% Club on ITV
Lee Mack hosts The 1% Club on ITV -Credit:ITV

The 1% Club has been such a massive hit it's already been commissioned for two more series, each with a Christmas special. The popular ITV quiz show, hosted by comedian Lee Mack, sees 100 contestants trying to answer a series of increasingly harder questions in a bid to win up to £100,000.

Players start off with a question 90% of the public got right. The last question is one that only 10 people in 1,000, or 1%, could answer.

And you only get 30 seconds to lock in your answer. But how many final 1% questions can you answer?

Try out our quiz below and see how you get on.