I could go to this chippy every night of my life

Fish and chips from The Good Catch
-Credit: (Image: Liverpool Echo)

Finding a good chippy is like unlocking the secret to a happy - if unhealthy - life.

And by 'good chippy', I mean a really good chippy. Anywhere can bash fish and chips out and throw it into a piece of paper, however, more often than not, all you're getting is poor quality ingredients while you ingest half a fryer's worth of grease.

If you're going to eat food that is bad for you, at least make sure it is good. That's where The Good Catch comes in.

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With five locations across the North-West - three of them in Merseyside - sibling owners Michelle Fairclough, Alison Mattravers, Christopher Pittaras and Robert Pittaras come from a long line of chip-shop experts.

The team picked up their expertise from their parents and grandparents, with their grandfather opening his first chippy on Soho Street, Liverpool in 1962. The Good Catch opened their first two shops in Greater Manchester around 13 years ago before branching out across Merseyside.

But does The Good Catch (in this case, the Litherland branch) still live up to the reputation it has built across the region over the years?

And what better night than Friday to find out?

With fish and chips, unless being eaten immediately, from the minute it is wrapped in paper you're in a race against time to get it to wherever you're devouring it before it steams up and becomes a soggy mess.

I'm pleased to report that we beat the clock, unveiling a still-crispy, large piece of cod which smelt like heaven itself.

The batter was light, not too thick and cooked to perfection. The fish which it encased was soft and delicate, and the contrast of textures was incredible - especially when it was given the mushy pea and tartare sauce treatment, the latter being homemade, chunky and with just the right amount of acidity.

Being the glutton I am, I ordered a large chips, however I miscalculated how much I could eat. It was a struggle, but this is not a complaint, quite the opposite; a portion of chips from the chippy should always be a struggle to finish - it's part of the charm.

The chips were steaming hot and full of that nostalgic chip shop flavour we all love. A bit (or a lot) of salt and vinegar made them even more spectacular - especially when they were shoved between two pieces of buttery white bread.

The whole meal was incredible and I could talk all day about how good it was. But right now, I'm off to lie down.

The verdict

The Good Catch has shown yet again why it is the best chippy in Merseyside. High-quality food cooked with consistency make this place somewhere that I could go every Friday for the rest of my life.

Fish: 5/5

Chips: 4/5

Mushy peas: 4/5

Tartare sauce: 4/5

Overall score: 17/20

The Good Catch can be found in Litherland (102 Sefton Road), Crosby (9 Liverpool Road) and Freshfield (next to railway station).

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