Councillor ‘very sorry’ after Jane Horrocks breaks wrist on icy road

Actress Jane Horrocks has said she was riding her bike in Brighton when she hit a patch of black ice, causing her to fall off and break her wrist.

A councillor at the local authority said he was “very sorry” to hear that members of the public, which included the Absolutely Fabulous star, 59, were injured.

In an initial Wednesday post on X, formerly Twitter, Horrocks wrote: “Just fallen off my bike on black ice in Brighton. In A+E now. It’s crazy busy.

“I haven’t experienced A+E for a very long time and it’s an eye opener. Be careful cyclists out there.”

She said that injuries of a broken wrist and bruised ribs were “not too bad in the grand scheme of things”, in a follow-up post on Thursday.

Horrocks added: “So many people in A+E yesterday had fallen on black ice and there was quite a lot of anger towards @BrightonHoveCC for not gritting the roads.”

She also thanked fans for the “uplifting messages” and the “lovely couple” who helped her return home following the fall in other posts.

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Brighton & Hove City Council’s Trevor Muten, lead councillor for transport, said in a statement: “We’re very sorry to hear that some people were injured slipping on ice on Tuesday night.

“Our gritters were in action across the city on Tuesday from late afternoon onwards.

“Unfortunately we cannot grit every single road in the city. We’re not aware of any councils in the country that do so.

“We grit around 156 miles of road around the city. We prioritise main A roads and most B roads, bus routes, links to schools and roads that lead to hospitals or are key for emergency

“We would always advise people to be very careful during icy periods, as even gritting cannot absolutely guarantee a road will be free of ice.

“Our gritting programme is routinely reviewed and we are keen to hear from local communities to inform planned gritting routes improvements.”