County OKs fee for road change requests

Apr. 25—Cumberland County Commissioners unanimously approved a new flat fee of $100 to offset costs for road change requests during April's monthly meeting.

The request was recommended by the county's planning commission board and environmental committee.

According to the resolution enacting the fee, each time a request is made by constituents to change a road, the county is required to hold a public hearing and publish a public notice in the newspaper.

There have been a significant increase in the number of requests for road changes, as well as the fees have increased.

The fee will take effect immediately. It was approved after Wendell Wilson, 6th District commissioner moved for approval. Nancy Hyder, 2nd District, supported Wilson's motion.

The county also approved increasing the tire disposal fee to local commercial companies disposing of tires at the county's solid waste department.

Currently the county charges $1 per tire and is losing approximately $2.40 per tire. The environmental committee recommended charging $135 per ton for disposal to companies and leaving the $1 fee for individuals with a cap of five tires per day. Beyond five tires, the tires will be weighed at the commercial rate.

The increase was approved unanimously after Jerry Cooper, 7th District, motioned for approval. Colleen Mall, 9th District, supported the motion.

The county also approved a resolution removing an end section of Plateau Fire Tower Rd. from the county's road list. The resolution reduces the length of Plateau Fire Tower Rd. by 0.08 miles from 0.53 miles to 0.45 miles. It was also approved and recommended by the regional planning commission and environmental committee.

In other areas, the county commission approved the county's participation in the Upper Cumberland work force's work experience program.

The program offers hands-on work experience for younger individuals to enhance their employment experience.

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