County tentatively OKs several capital item purchases

May 16—Earlier this week, Cumberland County's budget committee met and tentatively approved several capital outlay requests from various county departments for the 2024-'25 fiscal year general fund and sanitation fund budgets.

Although they are approved at this point, those items could be changed when final budget expenditure and revenue numbers come in for the county's 2023-'24 general fund next month.

The budget committee will review the Cumberland County Board of Education budget June 4.

Cumberland County Finance Director, Jennifer Turner, said the county's board of equalization has not yet met so the tax penny value is not available.

The following capital requests for the county's 2024-'25 fiscal year general fund budget were tentatively approved:

—Human Resources: personnel files scanning, $10,000.

—Election commission: 11 electronic pole pads, $20,295; Tri-Star state logo painted on building, $600. Bathroom construction at $8,000, no action taken.

—Facility maintenance: four HVAC units, $60,000; asphalt sealing at county clerk's office, $17,000.

—General administration: laptop for vehicle maintenance, $1,500; two security video cameras, $750.

—Accounting: new server and workstations, $18,500.

—Trustee's office: three hallway security cameras, $10,000, tentatively approved at $1,000.

—Circuit Court clerk: three new computers, $6,500 from technology funds; TV courtroom for four, $4,500. New jury box for courtroom number 3, $40,000.

—General Sessions/Juvenile court judge: two new chairs, $700.

—Chancery Court, Probate Court: security system for all offices, $20,000.

—Sheriff's office: five new patrol vehicles, $300,000; 37 new tasers $177,600, call back for further discussion.

—County jail: 16 HVAC replacements, $67,317. No action taken on 10 new windows for women's housing, $19,000; HVAC unit, $23,000, call back for further discussion.

—County Fire Department: $20,000 for land purchase fund. No action taken on new rescue unit, $300,000, call back for further discussion; used engine $250,000; bay addition to Mayland station, $40,000; and $60,000 for equipment for new tanker, call back for further discussion.

—Civil defense: car port trailer storage, $10,000.

—Emergency Management Agency: engineering, Microwave hop for radio system, $213,000; HVAC unit, $16,000.

—Health Department: roofing repairs, $1,000; ceiling tiles, $1,000; paint, $2,000. Floor resurfacing, $4,000, call back for further discussion.

—Emergency Medical Services/Ambulance service: three ambulance box remounts, $396,000; five Lucas medical devices, $85,000; five Stryker stair chair climbers, $90,000; security fence around building, $45,000.

—Preservation of records/Archives: three desktop computers, $3,300.

—Libraries, balcony/roof leak repair, $15,000. Place on June agenda. Laptop computers, $2,500.

—Parks and Fair Boards, Community Complex: 4X4 mowing tractor, $36,000; new entry door, $8,000; sealing on two parking lots, $37,500. No action taken on barn leak repair, $6,500; and arena sound system, $15,000.

—Sanitation/Recycling department: 4X4 tractor, $35,000; 6-foot bush hog, $4,000; two 5-yard heavy duty compactors, $100,000; three 42-yard receiver boxes, $45,000; loader, $90,000; four open-top boxes, $40,000; Mig welder, $4,000; 10 security cameras, $10,000.

Miscellaneous, two new postage machines, $20,000.

A total of approximately $1.56 million in capital purchases was tentatively approved for the general fund.

A total of $329,000 in capital purchases was tentatively approved for the sanitation fund.

Call back discussions will be held in a future meeting before the end of budget deliberations.

Committee member Joe Sherrill, 6th District, did not attend the meeting.

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