Couples who go to Mexico on their first holiday are the most likely to break up

Couples who go to Mexico for their first holiday together are the most likely to break up, a survey says.

Mexico was the number one destination for couples who subsequently went from two to just one.

A survey by travel providers showed that Mexico was most likely to lead to a split.

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It polled more than 2,100 adults about their non-romantic holiday habits.

Of those who had broken up soon after their first holiday, 21 per cent said they had just been to Mexico.

Ibiza was the second worst break-up destination with 17 per cent, followed by Portugal (12%), Cape Verde (9%) and Lanzarote (7%).

On the flip side, if you want to increase your chances of staying with the new someone in your life, then take them to Tenerife.

Mexico may not be the ideal first date destination (Picture: Getty)

The survey revealed that 18 per cent of couples had been there and left with their relationship intact.

Italy, Cyprus, Majorca and mainland Spain were also cited as first-time romantic getaways to spark a long relationship.