Courtney Love helped The Last Dinner Party censor their hit song for the radio

The Last Dinner Party took Courtney Love's advice on board credit:Bang Showbiz
The Last Dinner Party took Courtney Love's advice on board credit:Bang Showbiz

The Last Dinner Party took advice from Courtney Love on cleaning up their lyrics.

The 'Nothing Matters' hitmakers had to come up with a radio friendly version of the track, and they had some help from the Hole star as they agonised over the change.

Singer Abigail Morris told Music Week magazine: "We met her at The Great Escape [festival] and at the time we were in agony over what on earth we were going to use instead of [the F-word] because that's the whole point.

"After the show she stormed up the dressing room stairs saying, 'I've got it!' She had an empty packet of painkillers and she'd scrawled 'punch' on there.

"She was kinda pitching to us. We were like, 'Yeah, thanks!' We appreciated her passion."

The group - whose debut album 'Prelude to Ecstasy' will be released next week - aren't afraid to accept help from others in the industry, and Florence and the Machine have also had a big impact.

Abigail added: "Florence Welch was someone we spoke to who really made an impact on us.

"She has an almost identical story to us. She got signed at the same age we did, to the same label and has a similar approach to art and music in the sense of world building and storytelling.

"She was just so wise and kind and generous. She's someone that we really look up to and she's a really wonderful person to have on our side."

When it comes to the band's first full length record, The Last Dinner Party were keen to "come out the gate" with a LP that represented their goal of being "completely varied and genreless".

Abigail suggested that means fans of their big hit shouldn't necessarily expect to hear a similar sound on other songs.

She explained: "The record sets that precedent - we're going to do lots of different things, so don't be disappointed if there's never another 'Nothing Matters.' "