Coventry crowned one of UK's best for finding a new dentist

Coventry has been crowned as one of the best in the UK for finding a new dentist. In fact it is in the top ten cities with the best chance of treatment.

According to new data, residents in the city have a 58 per cent chance of being accepted by a dentist, with 44 dentists open to new patients. Young patients and adults may have a better opportunity of getting an appointment, with 22 spots available for both.

That is higher than the likes of London, Manchester and neighbouring Walsall. But Birimingham tops the list followed by Bradford, Dudley, Newcastle upon Tyne and Luton.

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Coventry is ranked sixth in the new research, which analysed the fifty dental practices listed on the NHS for each city in the UK to find out which are currently accepting new patients. But places such as Bristol, Norwich, and Cheltenham had an 'alarmingly' low availability of NHS dental care.

As well as patients having a lack of access to dental care, with some even resorting to performing their own, the impact of this is also being felt on the industry. Dr Adarsh Thanki, dental director at UNTIL, which carried out the research, said ‘stress and burnout’ is a major factor that is leading dentists to go private.

“Long waiting times and rising costs are creating significant barriers for patients seeking dental care but it’s also having a knock-on effect for those dentists currently working in the NHS," Dr Thanki said.

"Stress and burnout is a huge problem for NHS dentists and is leading many to consider alternative options, such as going private. We must address these challenges to ensure accessible and effective dental care for all otherwise patients will not be getting their dental needs met and dentists will continue to buckle under the pressure."

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