Coventry local election 2024 results in full as Labour increase majority

Labour have increased their majority on Coventry City Council after this year’s local elections. The party held 11 of their seats and won three from the opposition Conservative group.

It means they now have 39 seats on the authority out of 54. One seat the party were defending, in Radford, is currently vacant as the election has had to be rescheduled after the death of a candidate.

It comes after a night of gains for Labour and losses for the Conservatives across the country. In Coventry, the Conservatives held onto half of the seats they were defending – three out of six – meaning their number totals 12 on the authority.

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The new composition of the council is 39 Labour (up two), 12 Conservative (down three), 2 Greens (no change).

There is one vacant seat, Radford, where the race has yet to be held, although Labour achieved a large majority when an election was last run there.

Bablake, Westwood and Sherborne were the wards that went from blue to red. But the night’s closest result came in Binley and Willenhall, with just 57 votes between Labour incumbent Christine Thomas – who was re-elected – and challenger Paul Cowley from the Coventry Citizens Party.

Radford ward is expected to hold its election in June. It had to be postponed after a candidate died.

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