Coventry Lord Mayor ceremony pushed back after election delay

The Council House in Coventry city centre, 13 Dec 2022.
The Council House in Coventry city centre, 13 Dec 2022. -Credit:Tristan Potter

Coventry council will elect a Lord Mayor almost two months later than usual, the council has confirmed. The so-called "mayor-making" ceremony has been pushed back to July after an election in the city was delayed, they added.

The contest for the seat in Radford, which has been held by Deputy Lord Mayor Mal Mutton, will now take place on June 20. It had to be postponed after candidate Dave Anderson died days before the May local elections.

The move to delay mayor-making means current Lord Mayor Jaswant Singh Birdi will stay on for seven more weeks. Mayors usually get their chain of office at the council's annual meeting held in Coventry cathedral.


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This year's meeting has been split into two parts, according to the council's calendar. The first part will will take place in the council house on Thursday, May 16.

It will confirm which councillors take up key roles at the authority. The Lord Mayor of Coventry is designed to be a non-political role.

The mayor chairs council meetings, welcomes visitors to the city and represents it nationally and internationally, officials say.

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