The Coventry nursery where children 'help out within the local community'

A nursery in Coventry has been described as 'inspiring' and 'family-orientated' for children and offers an 'excellent curriculum' by Ofsted. Children were said to 'settle quickly' and take part in 'innovative activities' at My Little Angels Daycare on Lesingham Drive in Tile Hill.

Inspectors visited the nursery on Thursday, April 4. The nursery received its first 'Outstanding' Ofsted report within all the categories from its previous 'Good' rating.

Inspectors describe the staff as knowing the children 'extremely well' and that they can adapt their interactions and routines to meet the needs of an individual child. Children are said to be eager and confident to take part in 'exciting' activities that staff provide to encourage children's natural curiosity and enthusiasm to learn.

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When children enter the nursery, they are fascinated by the 'magical' and 'awe-inspiring' surroundings that captivate their interest and challenge their learning. All children, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities, make rapid progress from their individual learning points.

Staff are said to provide children with opportunities to spend time outdoors daily, which is seen as a learning extension to indoors. The nursery has created an outdoor space that provides children with a wealth of experiences that support their learning and encourage enjoyment. Staff expertly weave children's next steps for learning into activities, which means children have fun as they learn and develop.

Children also show empathy towards their friends, whereas older children show younger children how to use equipment properly, like the computer keyboard. They are also eager to carry out small tasks and are 'proud' to receive high amounts of praise for their kindness. This means children thrive and develop high levels of self-esteem.

Inspectors say the nursery has a 'strong, knowledgeable and cohesive' management team who are passionate about providing children with the very best start in life. They are described as 'forward thinking' and always look for ways to improve. They evaluate the nursery and the activities and make changes based on children's individual needs.

Staff are proactive in the implementation of activities to ensure they suit every child's individual learning style, interests, and next steps. The management team monitors practise and provides ongoing professional development to enable staff to enhance their 'excellent practise' even further.

Inspectors noticed that the nursery is very much part of the local community. Children go on litter picks and carefully pick up litter using long-handled grippers, and staff organise food banks which children take to the local centre. They have also introduced a book swap for children who attend the nursery and those in the local community, to help children and families have access to books and stories.

Inside the play area at My Little Angels Daycare
Inside the play area at My Little Angels Daycare -Credit:Sharon Flint

Staff always talk to the children to work on their communication. They ask questions and provide time for children to respond, and use simple signs to enable less verbal or younger children to communicate their needs.

Children enjoy singing sessions and join in with the words and action, with their imaginative skills described as 'superb'. They pretend to go on a bear hunt and creep quietly into the bear cave that the nursery has created at the bottom of the garden. They turn on torches to look for the bears and then laugh as they run away. Children also make potions and cook tea in the mud kitchen, using real utensils and water from the tap.

The nursery provides an inclusive environment in which children, staff, and families are respected. Parents are encouraged to cook national dishes with the children and talk to them about their cultures. Children see photographs of different places of worship, like a temple or church, and try to replicate these in their constructions.

Parents say they cannot speak 'highly enough' of the leaders and staff at My Little Angels Daycare. They say they receive lots of support and staff go 'over and above' to care for their children. They also added that their children are coming on in 'leaps and bounds' because of the work that staff do with them.

To view the full Ofsted report and previous inspections at My Little Angels Daycare nursery, visit the Ofsted website.

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