The Coventry restaurant offering 'unique' Pan-Asian dishes in a 'superb' ambience

The Pan-Asian dishes served at Yakii
The Pan-Asian dishes served at Yakii -Credit:Yakii Coventry/Facebook

A Japanese restaurant in Coventry has been described as offering 'beautiful food' with each dish offering a 'delicious' and 'different' taste. The restaurant offers a range of Pan-Asian food alongside an 'excellent experience' which you can try out this weekend.

Yakii Sushi Noodle and Bar is a Pan-Asian restaurant that offers the flavours of the Far East to create an 'unforgettable culinary experience' for diners with conveyor-belt sushi and ramen, plus Korean bibimbap and Chinese stir-fries.

The founder, known as 'The King of Duck' spent years travelling across Asia, discovering the best recipes and flavours from the smallest towns in North China to the stunning beaches of Thailand. Bosses say the dishes are a 'fusion' of traditional and modern flavours which have been carefully curated. Each dish is said to be infused with memories of the founder's travels and the mixed flavours he gathered along the way.

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Yakii prides itself on using fresh ingredients that are handpicked to ensure the 'highest quality'. Chefs use traditional cooking techniques and combine them with modern twists to create dishes that are 'authentic and innovative'. The menu includes a range of dishes including sushi, noodles and bar bites that are perfect for sharing.

The most popular dishes on the menu include Me Mamak Noodles, Chicken Katsu Curry Rice, White Tiger Sushi Roll, Vegetable Tofu Bi Bam Bap, Vietnamese Beef Rice Noodles in Soup and much more.

Here are some other dishes on offer at Yakii:

  • Duck-fried Ramen - stir-fried noodles with duck, bean sprouts, onions, spring onion and bok-choy garnished with sesame oil. £9.90.

  • Prawn Udon - fried udon noodles with prawns, onions, peppers, mushrooms, sesame, and bok-choy leaves. £10.50

  • Firecracker Chicken Katsu - deep-fried Katsu chicken with homemade sweet and spicy sauce, served with sticky rice and garnished with sesame. £8.90

  • Teriyaki Eel Fried Rice - grilled Japanese Teriyaki Eel mixed with egg-fried rice and veggies topped with tempura crumbs. £11.50

  • Laksa Rice Noodles in Soup - Malaysian signature rice noodles in coconut and curry soup topped with chicken, prawn, deep-fried whole egg and bean sprouts served with lime. £11.50.

The eatery also serves vegetarian dishes, an all-you-can-eat service, and happy-hour food. Yakii has a 4.3-star rating on Google reviews, with many praising the 'pleasant atmosphere' and 'rich flavours' in the dishes.

Denny C.Y said: "We indulged in the Me Mamak, Beef BBQ noodles, and the Chicken Ramen noodles at Yaki, and all dishes exceeded our expectations. The flavours were rich and satisfying, each bite a culinary delight. The ambiance of the restaurant added to the overall experience, providing a cosy and welcoming atmosphere that complemented the delicious food perfectly."

Omar Aazam said: "Yakii is a lovely place that's definitely worth a visit. Not only is their menu quite unique, offering a range of Malaysian, Japanese and Korean dishes, all done with some degree of authenticity, but also the ambience of the place is superb.

"The decor with Sakura trees and nice semi-enclosed tables makes it a lovely place to go for a date, or with a small group for some celebrations."

Aleese Mac added: "I’ve been coming here for years and the food is just amazing! Great value for money as portions are huge for a decent price and extremely tasty."

Where to find Yakii Sushi Noodle and Bar:

  • Location: 4 Fairfax St, Coventry CV1 5SR

  • Opening times: 12pm-9pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, 12pm-10pm Friday and Saturday

  • Bookings: To make a booking, visit the Yakii website.

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