Coventry school making 'palpable improvements' after 'chaotic' Ofsted inspection

Headteacher of Ash Green School, Fuzel Choudhury
Headteacher of Ash Green School, Fuzel Choudhury -Credit:Creative Education Trust

A troubled Coventry school is making 'palpable improvements' after 'serious weaknesses' were found during an inspection by Ofsted. Ash Green School was told to make major improvements in December 2022.

Inspectors highlighted a catalogue of failings at Ash Green School in 2022 including 'disorderly and unsettled behaviour' with the atmosphere described as 'chaotic.' Students were also said to 'pick on others with a different race, sexual orientation or religion.'

Headteacher Fuzel Choudhury, who was appointed in January 2023, was said to have 'simplified the behaviour management system to make sure that pupils, staff and parents are clear about his high expectations for pupils' behaviour.' Behaviour is now managed 'more consistently,' according to Ofsted.

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Inspectors said Ash Green School has in turn become 'well-ordered and calm.' Staff are said to have been trained 'well' in managing disruptive behaviour with most pupils described as 'respectful and polite.'

Work to improve attendance is also highlighted by Ofsted, with absences being followed up 'tenaciously' resulting in 'improved attendance for nearly all groups of pupils.' Inspectors did, however, highlight the fact that disadvantaged children and those with special educational needs or disabilities attend 'less frequently.'

Staff were also said to tackle incidents of discriminatory behaviour 'as soon as they happen.' Inspectors said that most pupils understand why certain behaviours are being called out but others, who need additional support to behave respectfully, take part in individual interventions, according to Ofsted.

Leaders at Ash Green School were said to have 'developed a culture of aspiration and respect' at Ash Green School. Pupils know they are expected to 'work hard and behave well, and most do so.'

Mr Choudhury was said to have 'taken decisive action to ensure that all pupils get the education he wants them to experience.' Actions taken since the start of last year have led to 'palpable improvements,' according to Ofsted.

He said: “I am delighted that the hard work and commitment of our staff has been recognised by Ofsted. We have made great strides forward, particularly in our work on expectations, behaviour and attendance.

“As Ofsted says, there is more work to be done, and indeed since they visited three months ago we have already seen further improvements in attendance, standards of behaviour and the quality of teaching and learning. I have every confidence that next time Ofsted visits they will see further significant progress in all of these areas.”

Nicole McCartney, Director of Education at Creative Education Trust, added: “It is an important milestone for Ash Green School, showing just how far the school has come since the inspection in December 2022. Everyone is totally committed to building on the progress highlighted in this report and doing everything we can to ensure that the school becomes an exceptional place, where every young person can thrive and has the best possible start in life.”

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