The Coventry school where it 'feels like a family' receives praise from Ofsted

Pupils at All Souls' Catholic Primary School follow the rules of 'be ready, be respectful, be safe'
Pupils at All Souls' Catholic Primary School follow the rules of 'be ready, be respectful, be safe' -Credit:Coventry Telegraph

A primary school in Coventry where pupils follow the rules of 'be ready, be respectful, be safe' has been described as 'being like a family' by Ofsted. Children were said to play collaboratively at lunchtime, hold doors open, and greet adults with a cheerful 'good morning' at All Souls' Catholic Primary School on Abercorn Road.

Inspectors visited the school in Chapelfields on Tuesday, April 16, and Wednesday, April 17. The outcome states that All Souls' Catholic Primary School continues to be a 'good school' by Osfted.

Inspectors noticed that staff and pupils have 'warm relationships' where pupils are confident to share their worries and that staff can resolve their concerns quickly. The school has high expectations for all pupils, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities.

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Pupils are enthused about the wide range of opportunities the school offers. They enrich pupils' learning through a variety of trips, i.e. there are visits to Coventry Cathedral and a residential centre in Wales. Pupils also look forward to their weekly 'superstar' assemblies where good work, attendance, and behaviour are celebrated.

Since the previous inspection, there have been several changes in staffing and leadership which the school has managed well, and new staff have received effective support. The school is clear about what it needs to do next, with the curriculum well-sequenced across all subject areas. The school has identified the key knowledge it wants pupils to learn.

The subject-specific vocabulary across subjects is a particular strength. For example, in the topic 'earthquakes and volcanoes, all pupils know how to use the phrases 'tectonic, divergent, and convergent. As a result, pupils' knowledge is improving.

Inspectors also noticed that the school has made improvements in mathematics. Younger children use counters successfully to help them learn numbers up to 20 and have also identified key mathematical facts to focus on. Prior learning is also revisited regularly, such as through daily 'Take 5' questions where pupils have a better recall of these facts as a result.

Pupils are also well supported in developing their reading skills. In the early years, children are encouraged to 'stick' at harder tasks. The love of reading is promoted well across the school, for example, unknown 'special' visitors read stories to the pupils. Pupils also read regularly and can confidently discuss their favourite authors. They enjoy it when the teachers read their class stories to them.

For the pupils who need additional support, there are clear systems to help them. Effective training has helped staff to support the needs of pupils with SEND. As a result, staff implement small steps of learning to help them and this means pupils with SEND achieve well.

In addition, there is an extensive range of clubs and sporting competitions, with all pupils including those who are disadvantaged supported to take part regularly. Pupils also enjoy their responsibilities such as eco-squad, prefects, and house captains, plus they help raise funds for charities through cake and toy sales which helps them to become kind citizens.

To view the full Ofsted report and previous inspections at All Souls' Catholic Primary School visit the Ofsted website

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