Coventry sculpture returns to city centre after being 'vandalised'

It has been returned to Upper Precinct
It has been returned to Upper Precinct -Credit:Aaron Law

A much-loved Coventry sculpture has been returned to the city centre after being 'vandalised.' Naiad was removed after becoming detached from her fixings on Upper Precinct.

Historian Scott Duffin noticed that the fixings holding up the Naiad had been damaged. He alerted Coventry City Council who removed the sculpture and placed it into storage on Wednesday, April 24.

Councillor Jim O'Boyle said the Naiad has now been reinstalled with improved fastenings making it 'harder for people to move her in future.' Police are continuing their investigations into the reported vandalism and are reviewing CCTV.

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Cllr O'Boyle, Cabinet Member for Jobs, Regeneration and Climate Change, told CoventryLive: “Firstly, I would like to say thank you to everyone who reported this issue to us. Thanks to your fast action we were able to protect a much beloved Coventry landmark.

“She is back in place now, she is fixed securely, and she will not be moved. We want her here because she is more publically available than she has ever been and that is where she is going to stay, the water will be turned back on in the next day or two for everyone in the city to enjoy.”

Coventry City Council removed the Naiad in April
Coventry City Council removed the Naiad in April -Credit:Aaron Law

He added: “We have spent millions of pounds of taxpayers' money on our wonderful precinct, combining the best of the old and the best of the new. We have done this because we want it to be the type of place that people love to visit and spend time in.

“It is incumbent on all of us to ensure that we keep this area as nice as we can. We have passed the details on to the police so it is now subject to their investigation and I would urge people to report anything they see that is of concern.”

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