Cow 'chaps front door' on Castlemilk housing estate as locals left baffled

This is the hilarious moment two cows were spotted roaming the streets of a quiet Glasgow housing estate and turning up at people's doors.

Footage taken at around 3.10pm yesterday, Thursday May 9, shows how one cow stands outside a garden on Holmbyre Court, before it tries to enter the home.

Laura Richardson was left in fits of laughter when she opened her pal’s door to the cow trying to mo-ove in.

The mum-of-four who also stays in Castlemilk said: “I was sitting in my pal Margaret’s house.

“She said there’s a horse in the garden.

“I turned and looked and said 'it's not a horse, it’s a cow’.

“I’ve then gone to open the door and it's tried to walk in the house.

“It wasn’t scared, it just wanted to come in. I opened the door to go and clap it."

She added: “I couldn’t move, I was in fits of laughter. I stay just across the street. If it was my house I’d have let it in.”

Neighbour Michelle Nealon, captured the hilarious moment of the two farm animals as they strolled through the housing estate.

After attempting to get into the house the cow then trots down the street before meeting up with its pal. They then moo at each other and head off.

Michelle told the Record: “It was nuts, it’s not often you look out your window and see cows going down the street.

“I was just in the house, sitting in the living room and my dog started barking. I went to the living room window and saw a big cow in the street.

“I ran up the stairs to get a better view and I could see the big cow at one of my neighbour's doors. You can see her open the door to it, I don't think she realised what it was until she opened it to find a big cow standing there, trying to get in. I keep looking at the video and can't stop laughing. Other neighbours all rushed out they couldn't believe it."

It's understood the cows spent around an hour in the estate, visiting different streets and even crossing a play park.

Michelle, 44, has told how the sightings used to be a regular occurrence on the estate south of Glasgow, with an active farm bordering it.

But she says the latest visit from the farm animals is the first seen in 20-odd years.

She said: "We’re near where the old farm was, but that hasn’t been in operation for years.

“Years ago you used to see cows running about Castlemilk, but we’ve not anything like this for about 20 years. To see them back was kind of strange. We’ve heard from elsewhere in the estate that they spent quite a bit time roaming around before the farmer came to collect them."

In separate clip, the cow is seen running after a young girl down the street before she jumps into her mum's car.

Her mum told Glasgow Live: "I just thought it was hilarious the way she ran round the corner like Usain Bolt, followed by this massive brown cow galloping after her like it was a horse.

"She jumped in the car and then it was trying to get in the other house. The poor things were spooked, it was a shame, but the farmer was phoned so he got them back safely."

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