Craig David criticises Leigh Francis as 'insincere' over blackface apology

NOTTINGHAM, ENGLAND - JULY 23: Craig David Presents TS5 during the 2022 Splendour Festival at Wollaton Park on July 23, 2022 in Nottingham, England. (Photo by Luke Brennan/Getty Images)
Craig David discusses Leigh Francis' apology over caricature. (Getty Images)

Craig David has criticised Leigh Francis for his "insincere" apology over mocking him on his show Bo Selecta.

In the early 2000's, Francis would mock a variety of celebrities including David while wearing a rubber mask but later apologised for the offensive caricatures.

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Appearing on BBC Breakfast to discuss his latest album 22, David was asked about the impersonation and Francis' apology which happened in 2020.

<p>A man (Leigh Francis) wearing a massive mask and walking around the streets of London… eventually destroying the street cred of celebrities like (Craig David. ITV/Talkback) </p>
Leigh Francis 'impersonating' Craig David. (ITV)

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He revealed he wasn't won over by Francis' public apology: "I don't know how sincere, it seems a bit of a coincidence, it comes at a time of George Floyd has been killed. To then have the Black Lives Matter movement, protests around the world and then it comes at a time as a reaction of 'I should say my piece' for something that should never have gone there."

He added: "In terms of ever putting a mask on and black facing which it was, and just being accountable, the coincidence of it just felt too timely."

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David also talked about his original reaction to the skits: "I didn't know why a song like 'Rewind' which was a cultural song that broke the ice for so many artists to come through, was now being ridiculed.That was one thing that I placed it as a music thing. But actually what he was doing was slowly bullying not only myself but Mel B, Trisha, and I felt there was no real accountability at that time and I was young, between a rock and a hard place."

LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 21: Leigh Francis attends the
Leigh Francis apologised for impersonating Craig David. (WireImage)

But David did say he didn't hold a grudge against Francis, who is best known for his character Keith Lemon: "It is about accountability, I haven't got a grudge, it is more the fact of accountability "

David recently released his eighth solo album 22 to celebrate 22 years since the release of his debut Born to Do It.

The two-time Grammy winner has sold over 15 million records worldwide.