'I wasn't scared': Climber who scaled 250ft crane describes stunt

The footage filmed by James Kingston shows the adrenaline junkie climbing the crane in Southampton's Ocean Village.

The climber who posted footage of himself climbing a 250ft crane said he 'wasn't scared' when he danged one-handed from the edge.

Adrenaline junkie James Kingston, 22, scaled the crane on a building site in Southampton at 5am, in footage which has now been viewed over 110,000 times online.

He scaled the crane with three pals and even stayed up there for an hour 'enjoying the view' before coming back down.

He said: 'I wasn't scared. You can't afford to be scared when you're hanging by your finger tips. I did it for the adventure.

'Life's too short to be sat around worrying about your future. You have no time to waste!

'I didn't go up there to die. I went up there to live.'

James, of Southampton, describes himself as a 'professional freerunner' and has already completed similar stunts on cranes in Los Angeles and Jesolo, Italy.

He declined to reveal the exact location of the crane but it is believed to be on the Ocean Village waterside development in Southampton.

Accompanied by friends Simon Russell, 22, Douglas Wainer, 22, they launched their audacious stunt at sunrise one morning last month.

They climbed over the fence that surrounds the site and then over another that surrounds the crane itself.

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A first person video, which he appears to have filmed with a chest-mounted camera, shows almost every step of his ascent to the top of the crane as the sun sets over the south coast city.

The footage then shows him carefully edging along a narrow steel beam.

James said: 'I chose this crane simply because of how high it is. It's very rare to have such high structures in my city so I couldn't pass off the opportunity to climb it and get some awesome shots.

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'The crane is just over 250ft tall and 150ft across. It took about 20 minutes of slow climbing and shooting to reach the top.

'I stayed at the top for around an hour enjoying the view, jumping around and capturing it all.

'I didn't plan to do anything really. All I wanted to do was get up there in time for sunrise!'

Amazingly, James said he did not plan to hang down by one arm.

He added: 'I didn't plan to hang, no. It's just the kind of thing that you may as well do while you're up there.

'I ended up doing it three times, one was shot from above, another shot POV style and the last shooting photos POV style. I wasn't concerned about anything. Pulling back up is very easy.'

James is now planning further stunts.

He said: 'I want to just continue travelling, meeting awesome people, living my life to the fullest and capturing as much of it as I can so that when I'm old and wrinkly, I can look back over years and years worth of footage and think 'man that was cool'.'