Creation of GB Energy should be welcomed

Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)

Labour has spoken a lot about its plans for a publicly-owned energy company based in Scotland.

And now the new Government is taking the first concrete steps to make its ambitious proposal a reality. GB Energy is set to be one of the key planks of the King’s Speech next week, when the party’s legislative agenda for the year ahead is revealed.

The idea is to unlock private and public investment in clean energies, which will create the jobs of the future and drive bills down. The vulnerability of the UK’s energy market has been exposed in no ­uncertain terms in recent years due to political instability at home and abroad.

It’s meant sky-rocketing bills for all, with the poorest hit hardest. Serious investment in both onshore and offshore wind technologies is already happening. But much more can be done in terms of harnessing the power of renewables.

GB Energy is also about creating the next generation of employment ­opportunities at a time when North Sea oil fields are in decline. The UK will always require some oil and gas production but demand is predicted to fall sharply.

That’s why Labour’s commitment to push forward with its bold energy plans should be welcomed. We can’t afford to stand still and let the opportunities pass us by – there is the prospect of more than 50,000 new jobs at stake.

Labour has enjoyed a busy first week in government. The sooner GB Energy becomes a reality, the better for us all.

Root out poison

It is deeply concerning that Joanna Cherry and other SNP figures appear to have been on the receiving end of personal abuse.

There is simply no place for misogyny in politics, especially in the party that gave us Scotland’s first female first minister. Disagreements and strong opinions are part of the cut and thrust of politics.

But insults of the nature highlighted in today’s Record are unacceptable. One SNP councillor alleges that misogyny is rife within the SNP.

The party does not have its troubles to seek after losing swathes of Scotland to Labour at the General Election. But SNP chiefs should take seriously such allegations and root out those responsible.

We rightly celebrate the diversity we see in our parliaments in Holyrood and Westminster. Attitudes that belong in another century have no place in a modern country.

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