Crematorium services cancelled due to damaged roof

City Councillors have given their support for a replacement and upgrade of the damaged roof at Salisbury Crematorium.

On Monday June 24, Salisbury City Council approved the use of up to £175,000 of capital funds to replace the failing existing roof that covers the administrative and support areas of the building. The cost of the works will be met from some of the capital receipt of £338k received from the sale of 47 Blue Boar Row.

The proposal from Salisbury City Council’s architect is to replace the existing mineral-felt roof with a more durable material, Alwitra Evalon VSK Membrane, which has an expected service life of 40 years, compared to mineral-felt’s lifespan of 10-15 years.

To carry out these works the customer-facing side of the Crematorium will need to be closed in August and September. Details on dates of the closure will be published as soon as possible.

During this time, no services will take place on site, however, cremators will still be operational. Services will instead be held at the Guildhall on a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Tuesdays are to be excluded because of the inability to safely and easily access the site on Market Day. If you would like to read the report please click here.