Cricketers Take Cover as 'Massive' Swarm of Bees Halts Game in Ireland

A “massive” swarm of bees invaded a cricket field in Cork, Ireland, on Wednesday, June 7, forcing players, officials and spectators to dive for cover.

Match footage from Cricket Ireland shows the incident unfold as commentators express disbelief at the scene. “I’ve never seen this before,” one commentator says, as players lay on the ground to avoid being stung. “Well, now you know, folks: if you see a huge swarm of bees coming towards you, hit the deck as soon as you possibly can,” he adds.

According to a press release, the bees began building a hive on a fence in front of the pavilion before a local beekeeper secured the queen, waited for the other bees to follow her, and safely removed them.

After play resumed that evening, the Northern Knights won the match against the Munster Reds. Credit: Cricket Ireland/Oisin Keniry via Storyful

Video transcript

- Fletcher is batting nicely to 11 from 7.

- Ah, and we have a swarm of bees on the pitch.

- Oh.

- You can see them just to the right of the wicket. Players all taking cover, lying down.

- I've never seen this before.

- This massive swarm of bees just passing over the ground heading towards the pavilion. You'll see people there.

- I cannot see them. Can you see them?

- Yep, they're just over by the tents now. If you look across the top of the tents you can just see.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah. Wow.

- That is a big swarm.

- Naked eye-- that is just incredible. Well, I've never seen that before-- huge swarm of bees. I was wondering why everybody was hitting the deck.

- It was almost like there'd been a thunder strike or lightning strike, rather.

- Well, now you know, folks. If you see a swarm of bees coming towards you, hit the deck as soon as you possibly can. Let them pass overhead. They're minding their own business.

- It's cleared the crowd from outside the pavilion anyway. Everyone taking shelter inside. The question is, where do they head next?

- They're above the pavilion at the moment, we can see. They're not heading our way, are they?

- Yeah, if we do go quiet for a minute, you can take it John and I have--

- We'll be hitting the dirt as well.

- They're still on the pitch down in front of that short boundary.

- They're just above [INAUDIBLE] the whole time.

- Tom Hayes unable to move at the moment. And [INAUDIBLE] is back on his feet out in the center. That's the pavilion you can see in the background away to our right hand side.

- Did they go back onto the field again?

- Look at your screen, lads.

- Yeah, look in front of the scorers. I'm surprised they've kept that window open, to be honest.

- Can they not go past the trees? That's the thing.

- I'm just gonna stay there by Tom.

- The umpires and the two batsmen are now back on their feet as well outside. Bees stop play. That's the first time I've ever heard saying that one. Bees stop play. Have they gone?

- Well, Tom Hayes doesn't seem to think so. He's stayed prone on the ground.