'Criminal Minds' Fans, See Why Paget Brewster Just Called Out Shemar Moore

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See How Paget Brewster Called Out Shemar MooreCBS Photo Archive

Look out, Criminal Minds fans — Emily Prentiss and Derek Morgan are back together! Well, sort of.

It's been some time since viewers of the former CBS drama saw Paget Brewster and Shemar Moore share the TV screen. Well, for those wondering if the two actors kept in touch after Shemar left to star in S.W.A.T., it turns out their friendship extended to real-life as well.

In a post from Paget on X (formerly Twitter), she shared a screenshot of the duo's recent texts to one another. Shemar sent her a photo of the billboard of Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2, and Paget responded to say congratulations on the success of S.W.A.T. What's more, she decided to shout him out in the sweetest way possible.

"Hi guys, if you’re lucky enough to grow older, you get texts from friends like ⁦@shemarmoore⁩ and it’s love," she wrote on June 14. "We are all so lucky and it’s the fans that keep us working and happy. Thank you."

When fans noticed the sweet interaction between Paget and Shemar, it didn't take long for them to react in the comments.

"Aw! I love you guys! Emily and Derek was such an underrated friendship!" one person wrote on X. "I love that you guys are still friends 🥺," another declared. "So glad you guys keep in contact!! what a sweet moment. hope it works out for him to return for a future episode ❤️," a different follower added.

As fans remember, Shemar was an original cast member of Criminal Minds and portrayed SSA Derek Morgan through the end of season 11. He left the show in 2017 to star in S.W.A.T., which CBS renewed for a remarkable season 8 after being canceled twice (once after season 6 and again after season 7).

While folks haven't been given any intel into whether Shemar will appear in the Criminal Minds reboot, he mentioned he'd be thrilled to come back should the opportunity arise.

"All I need is an invitation," he told TV Insider in February. "I never forget where I came from. I’ve gone back to the soap opera which started my career three or four times. It started with The Young and the Restless, and then it was Criminal Minds. And that’s my evolution. Without The Young and the Restless, there’s no Criminal Minds, and without Criminal Minds, there’s no S.W.A.T. So obviously my schedule’s crazy, but if we were able to get creative and I got an invitation, if they asked me to come visit, I would definitely do that."

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