Cross Chris opens Postcode Lottery package - and chucks the contents in the bin

Chris Cork won a prize in the People's Postcode Lottery -Credit:chriscork89/Tiktok
Chris Cork won a prize in the People's Postcode Lottery -Credit:chriscork89/Tiktok

A man who has played the People's Postcode Lottery for eight years was shocked when he finally won. Chris Cork couldn't contain his excitement when a parcel from the Postcode Lottery landed on his doorstep.

Chris said he popped his head out of the door to check for a film crew when he saw the white parcel, covered in the lottery's branding. But his excitement was shortlived.

Chris opened the parcel expecting a hefty cheque, but instead pulled out a prize he planned to throw straight in the bin, DerbyshireLive reports.

Posting on TikTok under the username @chriscork89, Chris said: "I am a People's Postcode Lottery WINNER... well I thought I was!" I've been doing the People's Postcode Lottery for eight years. The postman just knocked on my door, gave me this, which is quite big. Sealed. I thought I've done it. I've won a lot of money. Look out the door to see if there was a camera crew there or Daniel was there, nobody was there. I thought it says 'share your win'. As I peeled that back, a little bit of excitement creeps in. I thought this could be a cheque. If you look at the size of that, it looks like a cheque could be in there."

The soaps Chris won -Credit:chriscork89/Tiktok
The soaps Chris won -Credit:chriscork89/Tiktok

Upon opening the package, he was astounded by its contents. "You will never guess what I have won," he said.

"Congratulations. You've won to set of handmade soaps. I mean, they don't even smell nice. F*** sake! Why do you need that for two little soaps? I played it eight years and they've never, ever done anything like that. Soaps or anything. I went from a cheque, a couple of grand to two soaps that are going to go in the bin."

The video has since gone viral, amassing over 60,000 likes and plenty of amusing comments.

The People's Postcode Lottery has been contacted for a statement.

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