Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia vows to rid the world of Islamic terrorism

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman vowed that extremists will no longer “tarnish our beautiful religion” (AP)

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia has vowed to rid the world of all Islamic terrorists during the first meeting of a new military alliance.

Mohammed bin Salman signalled his intent to increase the fight against terrorism just days after jihadists slaughtered over 300 people at a mosque in Egypt.

Speaking at the meeting of a new Islamic coalition in Riyadh, he told defence ministers: “Today we began tracking down terrorism and we see its defeat in many countries of the world, especially in Islamic countries.

Prince Mohammed spoke at a meeting of the Islamic Military Counterterrorism Alliance in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (AP)

“We will pursue it until it disappears completely from the surface of the earth.”

Prince Mohammed promised stronger military and financial co-operation against terrorism after a series of incidents over recent years.

Promising to bring moderate Islam to the region, he added: “The greatest danger of extremist terrorism is in distorting the reputation of our tolerant religion.”

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The coalition is made up of 41 largely Sunni-majority countries and describes itself as a “pan-Islamic unified front” against violent extremism.

Shia-majority countries including Iran, Iraq and Syria are not included in the coalition.