Crysencio Summerville price tag revealed as Brighton told timeframe to get Leeds United deal done

Leeds United are prepared to say goodbye to Crysencio Summerville this summer, it is just a case of when and where, not if the Dutchman departs Elland Road. Brighton and Hove Albion have made the first move by declaring their interest in the player, with early talks being staged regarding a proposed deal.

Brighton may be the first to show their hand, but they're not alone in their Summerville interest. The question for the Seagulls is can they get a deal done before rivals arrive on the scene.

Buoyed by their new investment by Red Bull, Leeds are approaching the summer window with more resolve and had set a loft fee for Summerville, one which it appears the club are on course to get. Transfer expert Fabrizio Romano has been discussing the Summerville deal on The Debrief podcast and says he believes a fee in the region of £35-£40m is being discussed, which would eclipse the £30m-£35m which had been expected.

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The issue for Brighton, is can they agree with Leeds and the player before any further interest is lodged. With a number of potential options and deals at various stages, hindered by the European Championships being in full swing, the likes of Chelsea, Liverpool and Newcastle United are currently exploring their options and are not believed to be ready to make any moves for Summerville, opening the door for Brighton.

“I think what you say is exactly the correct fee. We are around £35-40m I think at the end of the story for Summerville," said Romano.

“Also it’s going to be important with the payment terms. How many years to pay the fee and all these kinds of details will be important in these negotiations. But yes, I understand they hope to get a deal done for something around £40m. That could be the price and I think the next days will be important to see how these contacts go because I think the timing on this deal will be really important.

“If Brighton will not be able to reach an agreement in the next two or three weeks, then maybe these big clubs will appear and that could make it complicated also to convince the player.”