Crystal Gayle’s sister Loretta Lynn gave her new name

Loretta Lynn gave her sister a new name credit:Bang Showbiz
Loretta Lynn gave her sister a new name credit:Bang Showbiz

Crystal Gayle’s country star sister Loretta Lynn came up with her new name after record label bosses ordered her to change it.

The 72-year-old singer was born Brenda Webb but she was asked to use a stage name by executives at her record label and she’s revealed her famous sibling was the one who came up with the idea of calling herself Crystal.

She told America’s Closer magazine: “I answer to both [names] but Crystal is definitely me now. When I first started, I wanted to stay Brenda, but Brenda Lee was on the same label.

Loretta thought of Crystal. She said I was bright and shiny.”

Loretta - who died last year aged 90 - was already a big star by the time her younger sister started out and Crystal has credited her with encouraging her to chase her dreams.

She also revealed she struck a deal with the country star sister which would allow them both to enjoy careers in music - revealing they decided to avoid recording any songs that sounded similar.

Crystal added to the publication: “Loretta told me: ‘We have one Loretta Lynn, we don’t need another.’She knew I had to make my own way. She said: ‘You will only be compared, so don’t record what I would record.’ It was the best advice ever.”

The singer is known for her trademark long hair and she has no plans to cut it now she’s in her 70s.

She said: “I keep saying I’m going to cut it to a style that would fit me more now, but it’s hard to to get rid of something that’s been with you for so long.”

Crystal added: “The longest it ever got was about four inches in the ground. In heels, I could still step on it. But that was like, no, I’ve got to cut it.”