Cute moment squirrel uses bushy tail 'like a towel' to dry itself in Peak District garden

Adorable footage showing the moment a squirrel used its tail "like a towel" to dry itself in a countryside garden has been captured on a Ring doorbell camera. The cute grey squirrel was seen having a morning preen in the wet grass near the Peak District village of Foolow, Derbys., at around 8.45am today (Thurs). After having a quick wash, the critter can then be seen amazingly grabbing hold of its bushy tail in order to dry its face. Wildlife photographer Villager Jim captured the footage and says he had never seen such behaviour by a squirrel in 14 years of observing them. Squirrels usually use their tails for balance, communication and protection from the elements if it's raining or snowing. Jim said: "I have these Ring doorbell cameras all around my house and I had one spare so I set it up in my garden to see if it would capture any wildlife. "We often get squirrels and foxes come by but this is the first time I have ever seen a squirrel displaying behaviour like that in 14 years. "I thought it was really cute and funny. He is literally using his tail like a towel to dry himself after a little wash in the morning dew. "I've never seen anything like it before. I didn't think squirrels used their tails in this way. It turns out these Ring cameras also make great wildlife cameras." The footage has already been viewed more than 10,000 times since being uploaded to social media this morning. Villager Jim wrote: "Well never in my life have i seen this before, just love how Sammy dries his face after his wash this morning , how fantastic lol." Karen Marks commented: "That is fabulous what a lovely wee chap." Sarah Geary added: "How cute. Who knew a bushy tail could be used as a fluffy towel. Lovely to see. Thank you for sharing." Cheryl Maycock said: "I’ve never seen a squirrel before clean the tail honestly, this is brilliant to see." Marilyn Pilton joked: "Don’t forget to wash behind yours ears." And Jane Potter put: "Fantastic …never seen that before , if you’ve got it use it!"