Is This The Cutest Guard Dog In The World?

HE looks like he would barely hurt a fly, never mind a human.

But this cute dog showed his tougher side as he protected a pile of packages for its owner.

The tiny guard dog, nicknamed Naonao, barked at strangers endlessly until its owner returned.

Yin, the courier, and his dog Naonao – which means ‘noisy’ in Chinese – were spotted on the streets of Zhengzhou, capital of central China’s Henan Province, when the middle-aged man was delivering magazines.

Bark worse than his bike: Naonao on duty

Standing guard: Naonao takes instructions from his owner Yin

Naonao made passers-by jump when he began standing on the back of the electric bike and barking at them.

Despite his small size, Naonao wards off any unwanted guests with his loud barks, hopping around his little guard tower and staring down pedestrians.

However, as soon as Yin returns from delivering magazines to the intended recipients, Naonao immediately stops barking, and the pair set off to their next client.

Hard at work: Yin and Naonao

Working dog: Off the pair go for the next delivery

Naonao, who has been called the 'cutest guard dog in China’ after becoming an internet sensation, has been living with Yin for eight year.

Yin said they are now more like 'partners’, especially after he trained Naonao to prevent thefts during his deliveries, a purpose which the adorable pooch happily fulfils every day.

Pictures from CEN