The CW’s Top Exec on Walker’s Uncertain Fate, Potential All American ‘Reboot’ and Superman & Lois’ ‘F–king Awesome’ Sendoff

The CW dropped its 2024-25 primetime schedule early Thursday — and the network’s executives have some explaining to do. Atop our list of burning Qs: Where are veteran scripted series WalkerAll American and All American: Homecoming? And if the trio are living on borrowed time, will their current and potentially final seasons end on a satisfying note?

Below, Brad Schwartz, The CW’s President of Entertainment, tackles those unsolved mysteries, while also teasing Superman & Lois‘ 10-episode swan song and offering an update on Season 4 of The Chosen.

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What’s the latest on the future of Walker, All American and All American: Homecoming?
We’re having active conversations on all of them right now. We just didn’t need to make those decisions this week. I guess you can call them bubble shows.

If this is the last season of Walker, can the final episode function as a series finale if need be?
The ending is extraordinarily satisfying. But there are also some amazing hooks in that last episode [that could set up a Season 5]. It’s a very, very good finale.

But the producers were not told to specifically plan for a series finale?

Could All American and All American: Homecoming‘s season finales also serve as a proper series finale?

Any truth to reports that if All American gets renewed for Season 7, it could return with a whole new cast?
[Co-Showrunner Nkechi Okoro Carroll] has a bunch of stories to tell [in Season 6] and I think, naturally, some of those stories are coming to an end. We have Spencer going into the draft, there are some romantic chapters [that could] close… I think the natural storytelling is leading some of the very big arcs [to a possible conclusion].

How do you think the final season of Superman & Lois will be received?
I have watched nine of the 10 episodes and [they are] f–king awesome. It is weekly event television. Greg Berlanti and the producers have constructed 10 bangers. They really go for it. I’ve cried twice watching [the first nine episodes], and I haven’t even gotten to the finale yet. It’s Emmy-worthy. And, by the way, you can watch this final season without having watched the previous [seasons] and still be emotionally invested in what is happening. It’s a wonderful, 10-episode, contained arc.

I’m assuming you’ve read the finale...
I have. People are going to be blown away.

Lastly, what’s happening with Season 4 of The Chosen?
We have Season 4, and it’s coming soon.

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