Cyclist falls in river live on BBC News


Following Boris Johnson’s major defeat in Parliament on Tuesday, BBC News viewers were treated to a moment of light relief as a cyclist fell into a river live on air.

The incident occurred as Scottish correspondent Sarah Smith, reporting from Edinburgh, discussed how a potential election could see Scotland vote for independence.

As Smith spoke to the camera, the cyclist slowly rolled into shot from the left-hand side of the screen, but they seemingly weren’t paying too much attention as they edged closer to the water.

The unknown individual could then be seen throwing their hands up in the air as they fell into the river.

Cyclist falls in river live on BBC News (BBC)
Cyclist falls in river live on BBC News (BBC)

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Fortunately, the cyclist appeared to be OK, as they jumped straight back out of the water, having seemingly lost their bike.

Miraculously, Ms Smith somehow didn’t notice what was going on behind her, but those watching at home were quick to take to Twitter and joke about the incident, with many claiming it perfectly represented how the nation feels about Brexit.

One viewer tweeted: “Kid falling off his bike live on BBC news really represents how British politics has been going the past few years.”

While another wrote: “Geezer just absolutely decked it off his bike behind a live news hit from Scotland on BBC News. A metaphor?”

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This isn’t the first time similar incidents have occurred live on BBC News. In April last year, BBC Breakfast’s Mike Bushell, who is now appearing in Strictly Come Dancing, accidentally fell into a pool while interviewing England’s Commonwealth swimming team.

And in the same month, coverage of Ant McPartlin’s court hearing for drink-driving was interrupted by two cars bumping into each other.

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