Cyndi Lauper breaks silence on 'difficulties' at Glastonbury after crowd 'walk out'

Cyndi Lauper performing on the Pyramid Stage
-Credit: (Image: PA)

Cyndi Lauper has addressed 'technical' difficulties during her performance at Glastonbury 2024. The 80s pop icon, who has also announced her farewell tour, performed on the Pyramid Stage on Saturday afternoon.

But after belting out her anthem 'Girls Just Want To Have Fun', there was a noticeable departure of festival-goers from her show. A Mirror journalist at the scene observed Cyndi looking rather disheartened as the crowd thinned.

The American singer, 71, told BBC Breakfast that she had experienced microphone issues - as well as her trousers falling down. Asked whether she enjoyed herself on the programme, Lauper said: "Yes, I did, I mean I had a few technical things, wardrobe difficulties, but I had fun.

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"Sometimes you're up there and the sound is like, 'Whoa'. But (it) doesn't matter because the spirit ... is there and that was great."

She also mentioned that her silver trousers were "falling down", causing her problems moving around the stage. But Cyndi shrugged the mishap off, saying: "What are you going to do? (There was a) wardrobe difficulty there but it was OK."

Cyndi's sound issues soon cleared throughout her set. One fan wrote on Twitter: "Cyndi Lauper's struggling a bit at #Glastonbury - the crowd are giving her a large helping hand. She looks fantastic though, and easy to forget she's 71 years old. We had Blondie doing it this time last year, and Debbie Harry was 77 years old at the time."

Another wrote: "I wonder if Cyndi Lauper's band has in-ear monitoring delay issues. Cyndi seems to be singing half a beat behind everyone, and they all feel oddly disjointed, especially for an American session outfit."

However, others rushed to the American's defence. "Same bores whinging about Dua Lipa are on Cyndi Lauper now. if you want perfectly performed and recorded guitar widdling. go f*** off and listen to the eagles." Another gushed: "Cyndi Lauper still got it."