Cyndi Lauper faces mixed reactions at Glastonbury as crowd walk out

Cyndi Lauper
-Credit: (Image: BBC)

Cyndi Lauper's Glastonbury gig sparked quite the buzz on social media, with some fans at Worthy Farm choosing to leave her set early. The iconic singer of 'Girls Just Want To Have Fun' fame graced the Pyramid Stage on Saturday afternoon, kicking things off with her 80s hit 'The Goonies 'R' Good Enough'.

But she was hit with some initial mic troubles that seemed to get sorted by the end of her act. The US pop legend briefly stepped away from the stage mid-performance to attend to "one little thing" but came back to deliver a powerful rendition of 'I Drove All Night', earning a rousing round of applause.

Addressing the Glastonbury audience, Cyndi expressed her joy at performing and extended a "happy Pride for those celebrating" to those celebrating. Yet, after belting out her anthem 'Girls Just Want To Have Fun', there was a noticeable departure of festival-goers from her show.

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A Mirror journalist at the scene observed Cyndi looking rather disheartened as the crowd thinned. Prior to singing her renowned tune, she made a poignant statement to the Worthy Farm crowd: "It's time world leaders recognised that women are half of the population.", reports the Mirror.

During her rendition of the iconic hit 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun', Cyndi Lauper's performance took a turn for the better as the audio issues were resolved. She seized the moment to touch on the feminist movements, particularly recalling the 2017 marches where women donned pink "Pussyhats" across the US.

Addressing the audience, Cyndi shared: "I was watching TV and I saw all these women all over the world marching, with some pink hats and... my friend called me up and said 'to get the hell out there (Cyndi)' so I did I went out and I saw the signs that said Girls Just Want To Have Fundamental Rights, that's right."

She went on to discuss her commitment to gender equality, announcing her partnership with the Girls Just Want To Have Fundamental Rights Fund on Saturday. The fund supports global organisations aiding women of all ages in securing reproductive rights and autonomy over their bodies.

Furthermore, Cyndi shone a spotlight on the maternal health advocate group White Ribbon Alliance, acknowledging their presence at the forefront of the movement. She concluded with a powerful message: "It is time that the world leaders understand that women are half the population of the world and we deserve to be treated equally, no matter where we're from or what we look like."

She also made several references to the UK, including mentioning the West End production of Kinky Boots ahead of My Father's Son and her Change Of Heart music video that saw her dancing in London's Leicester Square. Those watching Cyndi perform at home were also divided by her performance.

One wrote on Twitter: "Cyndi Lauper's struggling a bit at #Glastonbury - the crowd are giving her a large helping hand. She looks fantastic though, and easy to forget she's 71 years old. We had Blondie doing it this time last year, and Debbie Harry was 77 years old at the time."

"Cyndi Lauper looking a little worse for wear her tbf," another added, as a third wrote: "I wonder if Cyndi Lauper's band has in-ear monitoring delay issues. Cyndi seems to be singing half a beat behind everyone, and they all feel oddly disjointed, especially for an American session outfit."

However, some have rushed to the American's defence. "Same bores whinging about Dua Lipa are on Cyndi Lauper now. if you want perfectly performed and recorded guitar widdling. go f**k off and listen to the eagles," one fumed online, with another gushing: "Cyndi Lauper still got it."

Cyndi recently announced she would be performing her farewell tour later this year.