Cynthia Nixon addresses Sara Ramirez's exit from And Just Like That

Cynthia Nixon has addressed the exit of Sara Ramirez, who played her non-binary love interest on And Just Like That.

It had previously been confirmed that Sara wouldn't be returning as their character Che Diaz in the Sex and the City spin-off.

"I think they felt, and (producer) Michael Patrick King felt, that that character had run its course," Cynthia told Variety. "They came in and shook everything up, and then the arc was completed. They created such an amazing character, such a controversial character, but such an amazing character."

Sara had previously spoken out on social media, hinting they had been fired for their pro-Palestine advocacy amid the Israel-Hamas war.

"It's wild how performative so many in Hollywood are," they wrote on Instagram. "Even more performative than the last character I played."

They also refused to comment on some of the negative reviews of Che's character.

"Other people's opinions of a character - that's not something I can allow into my process," they told Variety in 2022. "I choose what I receive, right? That's the beauty of being grown - I don't have to receive everything!"

Cynthia has confirmed that her character, Miranda Hobbes, will stay single this season, saying, "I do feel like our show always works best when people are dating."