Cyriel Dessers felt like Rangers 'scapegoat' as he opens up on 'really tough' months at Ibrox

-Credit: (Image: BBC Sport Scotland)
-Credit: (Image: BBC Sport Scotland)

Cyriel Dessers has revealed he has felt like a scapegoat at Rangers on occasions as he opened up on his rollercoaster first season in Glasgow.

It all kicked off last summer when Michael Beale brought him to the club and not long into the season the former Ibrox boss was given the boot after a poor start domestically and a Champions League exit at the qualifying stage. The microscope was well and truly on the recruitment drive with Jack Butland the only one receiving pass marks at that stage.

Dessers details how he had hardly got his digs together or worked out how to work his TV and people had already written him off at Ibrox. He admits this was really hard, especially coming from his own fans, with strikers hitting their best stride when loved. Of course, his fortunes have enjoyed something of an upturn under Philippe Clement and he has 22 goals to his name. Missed chances are often brought to the headlines by supporters and pundits alike, but those early months were 'really tough' for the Nigeria international as he prepares for a huge Scottish Cup Final with Celtic this weekend.

He told the BBC: "Yeah, I feel in some moments I was the scapegoat. These are hard things because I was just moving to a country, trying to adapt to a new club, a new league.

"I was still putting up my Ikea furniture or working out the settings on my television and people were already trying to write me out of the club, saying 'you’re the worst player who ever played for Rangers' and all these things."

He continued: "You're not even fully settled down and people already want to get rid of you or are actively hating on you, especially when it's from your own fans, it's really hard. If it's the press, it doesn't bother me too much. But if it's your own fans, it hurts you. You're a human being.

"Strikers, they’re like a special kind of personality. They’re at their best with love. Not one player in the world is better when you whistle him off the pitch. Once you're getting these little bits of love, you start to grow as a player and you become better and better. There were months that were really tough for me.”

Dessers knows the spotlight is on his missed chances a lot but isn't really worried about that as he knows next season they WILL go in and his numbers will look even better. He looks at strikers playing top level in the Champions League missing similar opportunities and knows things will click with a little bit more luck.

He explained: "I can create a lot of chances by good movement in the box and when you create a lot of chances it's basic maths that you also miss more chances. I don't want to miss those chances. This season, I missed a few big chances that in the nine years before I never missed.

"I'm not really worrying about that because I know next season when you have a little bit more luck then all these balls will go in and then your numbers will be even better. I look at the Champions League, the highest level, and these strikers missed chances as well.

"The microscope is a lot on these missed chances and on me as a person. I'm a person in life who likes to look at what I have and be happy with that instead of focusing on the things I don't have. That can be a good lesson, not only for football fans but for everybody in life."