Cyruses release 'Jeremiah'

Apr. 20—NASHVILLE — Husband/wife Bluegrass duo Bobby and Teddi Cyrus have released a new single titled "Jeremiah." The song will serve as the latest release from the Kentucky native's upcoming sophomore album, coming at a later date via Pinecastle Records.

"Jeremiah" is a straight-ahead Bluegrass tune written by Bobby Cyrus, who also sings lead vocals, accompanied by his wife. Cyrus said he was inspired by a conversation with his father.

"My dad and I were sitting on the porch having a discussion about his life and the years he worked in the coal mines. As usual, his reflection was like a movie unfolding in my mind the way he described it," Cyrus said. "He closed his eyes and pondered in thought for a bit. Then he said, 'This land has been a blessing to me, but you know sometimes I think about loading up my ole truck with everything I have, and trading it all for a good pair of walking shoes and just take off on foot.'"

The story brought up memories of having watched the movie "Jeremiah Johnson" with his father, which kept him on the path to writing the song. The movie is about a man seeking solitude.

"Dad passed away the next year from pancreatic cancer," Cyrus said. "I was sitting in the same spot a few months after he passed where we had that conversation and thought about what he said. Then I remembered watching the movie 'Jeremiah Johnson' with him."

The new single follows the lead single "Kentucky Tennessee." All of the new music builds from the duo's debut self-titled project released in 2021. Perhaps their biggest hit would become the Bluegrass Gospel infused anthem, "Roll That Rock" which featured Bobby's cousin, Billy Ray Cyrus.

Joining the Cyruses on the song are instrumentalists Scott Vestal on banjo, Dave Roe playing bass, Eamon Mclaughlin performing fiddle, Josh Matheny on dobro, Seth Taylor on mandolin and Cody Kilby on acoustic guitar.

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