Da Vinci The Baby Horse With A Horse On Its Back Is Everything


It may look painted on but Da Vinci is a baby horse with the perfect outline of another horse on his back.

The seven-week-old foal, nicknamed Vinny, looks like he’s a work of art like something his namesake would produce, but the white fur on his neck has been with him since birth.

Making the perfect shape of another horse, Vinny, who lives at the Fyling Hall school in Fylinthorpe, North Yorkshire, runs around with his very own white shadow.


The unique marking even merges flawlessly from white to black in his mane.

Vinny’s owner, Wendy Bulmer, wasn’tmeven aware that the horse she bought was pregnant with the foal - but she couldn’t be more delighted.

She said: “We called him Da Vinci because of the markings on his shoulder, like a perfect little horse.”


HIs unique look doesn’t end there either.

Ms Bulmer added: “He has a perfect little heart on his bottom as well.”

Now that’s just showing off.

Pics: Ross Parry/SWNS