DaBaby responds to felony assault charges in new video

DaBaby responds to felony assault charges in new video

DaBaby has responded to felony charges for an alleged attack that happened at a music video shoot in Los Angeles in December 2021.

The 30-year-old rapper was charged after allegedly hitting a property owner named Gary Pagar.

According to multiple reports, Pagar attempted to shut down DaBaby’s music video shoot as he wasn’t informed about it in advance.

Hotnewhiphop reported that DaBaby’s crew signed a rental agreement that stated only 12 people could be present on his property at a time. However, Pagar claimed that there were nearly 40 people present when he arrived.

The property owner then tried to get all the extra personnel to leave, when someone captured and uploaded footage of one of DaBaby’s acquaintances allegedly assaulting Pagar on social media.

The Blame It On Baby rapper has now shared another clip in which Pagar can be seen shouting and screaming racial slurs at the guests.

The 40-second video started with the message: “On today’s episode of ‘Let’s make DaBaby look like a bad person.’”

The video showed Pagar screaming and shouting: “You f***ing n******. F***ing a**holes... I’m telling you how I feel.”

In the clip, the rapper also accused Pagar of being a “white supremacist who lied to TMZ and the LAPD”.

DaBaby captioned the post: “Look what somebody just sent me. Y’all keep believing these Hollywood hustlers. Y’all might as well get a rope help em hang our black a** on a tree! Ima leave y’all wit that, big day in Vegas today.”

Last month, DaBaby confirmed that he shot a man allegedly intruding at his property in North Carolina.