Dad Nails Every Parent's Reaction To Watching Bluey For The First Time

A screenshot from Baby Race, one of the Bluey episodes guaranteed to make you cry.
A screenshot from Baby Race, one of the Bluey episodes guaranteed to make you cry.

A screenshot from Baby Race, one of the Bluey episodes guaranteed to make you cry.

If you’re a regular viewer of kid’s TV show Bluey, you’ll know that it’s pretty damn good. But for the uninitiated, finding out just how good it is can come as quite the surprise.

Comedian George Lewis has summed up every parent’s discovery of Bluey pretty well, in a relatable clip that has plenty of people (those with kids and those without) nodding their heads.

Lewis, who has two children and is based in Manchester, shared the clip on TikTok with the caption “parents watching Bluey”.

If you haven’t seen the show, it follows the adventures of a lovable and inexhaustible Blue Heeler puppy who lives with her dad, mum and little sister, Bingo.

In the video, Lewis acts out watching the show for the first time, saying “it is good actually” before shushing someone in the background. “Come on, you gotta come watch this. It is funny,” he says.

Moments later he’s on the verge of tears, before switching back to laughing, before welling up again. “No I’m fine, I’m fine,” he says to someone off camera. “It’s just... nice.”

In the next breath, he’s humming along the catchy theme tune. Before long, he’s singing the words, shushing his kids so he can listen to the show and asking his family if they think he’s like Bluey’s dad, aka the inimitable Bandit Heeler.

“If we get the kids down early we could finish the series,” he concludes the clip, alluding to the fact it’s an incredibly bingeable show for both adults and kids alike.

It clearly hit a chord as Lewis’ video garnered almost 800 comments. Fans of the show were quick to comment on how much they love it – and how ridiculously emotional it can be.

“I’ve never cried more than I have at Bluey,” said one person.

“Sleepytime is the most moving animation I’ve ever seen,” added another, discussing their favourite episode. “Just send the Oscar straight over.”

“I literally bawled to the Baby Race episode this week and then I realised my toddler had fallen asleep and I was watching it alone,” said one mum.

Summing up most parents’ experience of watching the show, a mum said: “My daughter doesn’t even look at me when the episode ends, she just sighs and says ‘you’re crying again, aren’t you?’.” To which the parent added: “Yes, yes I am.”

Others revealed the times they’d made space in their schedules to watch Bluey without their kids. One person admitted they made their toddler nap 45 minutes earlier than normal so they could finish an episode in peace.

Another revealed: “I watch it without my kids. They make too much noise and ask questions.”

Same – and there’s no shame in that.