Dad-of-three's random act of kindness as he sits outside coffee shop like a homeless person and GIVES out cash

Dickon Johnstone, 38, ended up giving away £36 in just 30 minutes in Aylesbury town centre

This is the moment a kind-hearted father-of-three stunned passers-by in a town centre - by sitting outside a coffee shop and giving out cash.

Dickon Johnstone, 38, filmed himself with a cardboard placard declaring that he has 'a job, a home, a car, and good health', adding: 'Would YOU like a couple of pounds for a coffee'?

He then sits outside a coffee shop in Aylesbury, Bucks, with his sign, before dishing out £2 a time to a string of stunned passers-by.

Dickon, who performed the random act of kindness because he's 'always trying to make people happy', ended up giving away £36 in just 30 minutes.

He said dozens of pedestrians in Aylesbury's Market Square simply ignored him or read the sign and refused to believe he was giving away money.

But after a few minutes a steady stream of people take Dickon up on his offer, as he dishes out cash while appearing from a distance to be a homeless person begging for money.

Refreshingly, Dickon said the first person he gave cash to bought a coffee, which they then gave back to him.

Dickon, from Aylesbury, told Yahoo: 'I didn't really know what kind of response I'd get.

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'It was quite surprising to see people just walk past, or read the sign, then ignore you or refuse to engage.

'But at the same time, I didn't really expect people to take me up on the offer.'

Dickon's video shows a number of people approach him to read the sign, many refusing to believe the offer of free cash.

He captured their expressions as 18 separate passers-by happily took £2 from Dickon.

The dad-of-three added that when he explained his idea to others, they didn't take his money because they 'had enough already'.

As well as giving out £36, Dickon pledged the same amount to Children in Need after the random act of kindness.

See the original video on Dickon's YouTube channel here.