Daily Show host attacks media complacency over ‘moderate’ Nikki Haley

The Daily Show guest host Desi Lydic has called out the characterisation of Nikki Haley as a “moderate” Republican, arguing that she has long been a conservative through and through.

“When you actually take a look at her policies, they aren’t that different from Trump,” the comedian said of Ms Haley on Thursday.

“When it comes down to it, there’s only one real difference between Nikki Haley and Donald Trump that’s getting her this label,” she added.

Ms Lydic then went on to joke that perhaps the confusion surrounding Ms Haley rests with her demeanour. “She’s certainly the only candidate speaking at a moderate volume. You’ve got Trump screaming so loud, A&T satellites are exploding… Just using a proper inside voice is going to seem like a breath of fresh air.”

However, the comedian ended the segment with a more serious warning, noting that if a Republican believes that Joe Biden is the fairly elected and true president, they are labelled a “moderate”, regardless of their beliefs. So, she added, “When the media attaches this label to candidates who support abortion bans and endless wars – that makes those beliefs sound moderate.”

Desi Lydic on ‘The Daily Show’ (The Daily Show)
Desi Lydic on ‘The Daily Show’ (The Daily Show)

Ms Lydic went on to play a clip of Ms Haley saying she believes Joe Biden is the legitimate president.

“Wow, what a reasonable middle-of-the-road answer,” Ms Lydic said incredulously. “The man who won the election won the election.”

“But that’s where we’re at,” she said. “That is the big split in the Republican party today. Do you think Joe Biden won the election, or did you take a s**t on Nancy Pelosi’s desk?”

She added: “The word ‘moderate’ means much more than just believing Joe Biden won the election… And the media should not be labelling them as moderates just because they passed the low bar of not overthrowing the government.”

Despite previously endorsing Donald Trump, Ms Haley has repeatedly argued that Joe Biden won the 2020 election, calling January 6 a “terrible day”, and supporting the prosecution of rioters, and she has even suggested Mr Trump should be held responsible.

However, some of her political views have been more similar to those of her former boss, including her pro-life stance, and her support for tax cuts for the wealthy.

Ms Haley has also taken a similarly harsh stance on illegal immigration to Mr Trump, supporting his plan for a wall on the southern border. However, she has said a wall alone isn’t enough to stop illegal immigration.