‘The Daily Show’: Jon Stewart Defends Milwaukee Crime – Except When Trump’s ‘Felonious Friends Come to Town’ | Video

Jon Stewart came to the defense of Milwaukee, denying Donald Trump’s claims that the Wisconsin beer town is a “horrible city” with “terrible” crime numbers – except when the Republican National Convention rolls in later this summer.

“Yes … lots of criminals in Milwaukee,” Stewart said. “Are you talking about now, sir, or when you and your felonious friends come to town?”

On Monday’s “The Daily Show,” Stewart poked fun at the presidential candidates and their recent slip-ups in the media – including Trump hating on Milwaukee and mocking president Biden’s intelligence. Trump’s comments would seem to indicate he’s not too excited for his upcoming trip to the lakeside city.

Trump is “forcing liberals around the country to defend Milwaukee, a city they then had to pretend to have been to,” joked the talk show host.

Another recent moment for Trump was his appearance at the “Herbalife of political conventions” as Stewart put it, Turning Point USA, where he mocked the current presidents intelligence in comparison to his own.

Stewart also jeered Trump’s appearance at Turning Point USA – the “Herbalife of political conventions” as the host put it – where the former president mocked Biden’s intelligence compared with his own.

“The case he’s making to the American public is that he’s the sharpest tool in the shed,” Stewart said before rolling a clip of Trump speaking at the convention.” See if you can find the flaw in his logic … .”

Trump tells the crowd he aced a cognitive test, and that Biden should have to take one as well. He then shares the name of the doctor who performed the test – “does everyone know Ronny Johnson, congressman from Texas?” Trump says.

Unfortunately for Trump, the person he was referring to is named Ronny Jackson, not Ronny Johnson.

“He got the guys name wrong on his cognitive test,” Stewart said. “The sad thing is under MAGA law, his name is now Ronny Johnson. This is the way.”

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