‘The Daily Show’: Jordan Klepper Says Trump Is ‘Going to Be Our Next President,’ Whether He’s in Jail for Days or Years | Video

At least one member of “The Daily Show” isn’t very confident that the results of Donald Trump’s ongoing trials will change anything politically. Jordan Klepper took the desk on Monday night in place of Jon Stewart to break down the latest developments in Trump’s hush money trial.

After finding that Trump had once again violated his gag order, Judge Juan Merchan threatened that the former President may face jail time if the behavior continues.

“Whether Trump is thrown in jail for a few days over the gag order or thrown in jail for a few years for the hush money scandal, he’s still going to be the next President,” Klepper said Monday night. That joke earned him boos from the studio audience, prompted Klepper to fire back, “Look at the polls, everybody.”

That was far from the only gag order joke Klepper had up his sleeve. The temporary host and longtime correspondent mocked Judge Merchan’s threat. So far, he has found Trump in contempt for violating his gag order on 10 different occasions. Jail time was threatened if a 11th offense occurs.

“You’ve done it now, Donald. If you violate that gag order for an 11th time, the judge is really going to consider jail time,” Klepper said. “I mean he’s strongly considering the possibility of consequences for your actions. Oh, just one more chance!”

Klepper then noted that no judge “wants to throw a former President into the slammer” before stating that Trump has the mind of a toddler.

“If there’s one thing a toddler understands it’s that when mom and dad start counting like, ‘Nine, nine and a half, nine and three-quarters,’ the brat has already won,” Klepper said.

This isn’t the first time Trump’s violation of his gag order has cost him. Last week, the judge fined Trump $9,000 for nine previous violations of the gag order, and Trump was ordered to pay an additional $1,000 by close of business on Friday.

“The magnitude of this decision is not lost on me but at the end of the day I have a job to do,” Merchan said. “So as much as I don’t want to impose a jail sanction … I want you to understand that I will if necessary and appropriate.”

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