'Daily Show' Lifts The Lid On Tucker Carlson's Facial Expressions

Footage of the facial expressions made by Tucker Carlson often goes as viral as the divisive rhetoric he repeats on his prime-time Fox News show.

And “The Daily Show” knows who is to blame.

In a spoof bit that aired on Wednesday, correspondent Michael Kosta adopted the persona of “Gavin Bancroft,” Carlson’s face coach, to talk about how he coaches Carlson on his appearance, live on air.

“If you’ve ever seen Tucker looking like a groom who pooped himself at the altar or a scandalized potato, well then you’ve seen my work,” he joked.

Tips from Bancroft included telling Carlson to act like a “10-year-old watching a cow give birth,” laugh “like your a fancy prince who just saw a peasant getting kicked by a mule” and imagine watching a Mexican family being evicted.

Watch the video here: