'Daily Show' Mocks Jeff Bezos As 'History's Most Powerful Nerd'

Amazon head honcho Jeff Bezos is a lot of things to a lot of people, but to “The Daily Show,” he’s simply “history’s most powerful nerd.”

The billionaire businessman is the latest prominent figure to get brutally mocked by the Comedy Central show’s “Daily Showography” series, and HuffPost has the exclusive sneak peek for it before it’s shown on Monday’s “Daily Show” episode.

And yes, Amazon also gets skewered in it.

For instance, “Daily Show” correspondent Desi Lydic, who narrates Bezos’ “Showography,” notes that when Bezos was a young boy in Albuquerque, New Mexico, his regular visits to a local Radio Shack gave him an early appreciation “for technology, cheap garbage from China and underpaying workers.”

Lydic also points out that Bezos attended Princeton ― “one of the best colleges for nerds” ― but didn’t have much luck with the ladies, despite being set up on plenty of dates by his friends.

Yes, despite many positive reviews from his friends, women found the actual product wasn’t what they had been led to believe,” Lydic jokes.

She then mentions Bezos’ $200 billion net worth he’s amassed since starting Amazon and how he’s used it to make a number of expensive purchases, including “a super yacht that has its own yacht,” “the world’s fastest jet,” “a shit ton of mansions” and “some gigantic clock that only ticks once a year.”

Lydic goes on to say that while Bezos has given 1.5% of his fortune to charity, he hasn’t shared that largesse with Amazon employees, preferring to grant them the gift of knowledge instead.

“You know what they say — teach a man to fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to piss in a bottle while he eats his fish, he only has to take a two-minute lunch break,” Lydic quips, presumably referencing a past lawsuit in which Amazon warehouse workers claimed they barely had enough time to eat lunch because of the company’s workplace policies.

However, Lydic declares that Bezos’ biggest legacy was the one forged when he sent his penis-shaped rocket into space in September 2021.

“Bezos had finally done it. He finally made space travel seem uncool,” Lydic says. “And now the world knows the real Jeff Bezos as well as Jeff Bezos knows himself.”

You can watch Bezos’ “Showography” below.